All time favorite spots for a picnic

5 places

Hyde Park, London


Europe, United Kingdom, London

Don't miss the famous Speakers' Corner, the Holocaust Memorial, and the Princess Diana's Memorial.

Central Park


North America, United States, New York City

Helpful secret: There are numbers embossed on the lampposts that indicate the nearest cross-streets – the first couple of digits tell you what the cross streets would be and some are even marked with E or W.

Tuileries Garden


Europe, France, Paris

The Tuileries is one of the best places in Paris to take kids if they're itching to run around. There's a carrousel, trampolines and, in summer, an amusement park.

Palace of Fine Arts

Entertainment & Arts

North America, United States, San Francisco

A romantic place to take a stroll in, and ideal for a picnic.

Englischer Garten

Orientation & Geography

Europe, Germany, Munich

This park is beautiful. Forest areas, green fields, lakes, rivers, beer gardens and even surfer. We recommend renting a bike and riding it around the garden since it is huge.