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Coutume Café

Coffee Shop

Europe, France, Paris

American-inspired coffee bar with the best baristas in town - the latte is truly amazing.

Table 9


Asia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai

There is an open, glass kitchen. Maybe you can reserve a table nearby!

Kavárna Obecní dům


Europe, Czech Republic, Praha

Palačinka - is a thin crêpe-like variety of pancake. Here you can get it with vanilla ice cream, fruit, whipped cream and caramel sauce.

Paté Paté


Europe, Denmark, Capital Region of Denmark

The Danes have a reputation for being the best chefs in Scandinavia. Smørrebrød denotes a black bread that comes with fish, egg or meat and is often flavored with sauce tartare.

Alibi Room


North America, Canada, Vancouver

Taking a bite here on the weekend should be preferred as during the week the Alibi Room will not open before 5 PM. The enormous selection of different beers will prove to be a difficult decision. We recommend taking a sip of several beers, a 'beer flight' and then choosing the one which offers the best experience.