Haute Cuisine

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Harry's Bar


Europe, Italy, Venice

We recommend Risotto risi e bisi: Historically, this dish was famous for being decreed by the Doge of Venice to be prepared only on St Mark's feast day. The recipes includes risotto rice, fresh beas, butter, pancetta, onions, parsley, parmesan, and vegetable/chicken stock.



Europe, Turkey, Istanbul

We recommend "Hassa Bourek" - traditional Turkish flatbread layered and rolled with ‘’tulum’’ cheese and a blend of green olives, walnuts, yoghurt, spring onions and tarragon.



Asia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai

With a focus on regional cuisine from India the menu is incredibly varied, with a selection from every corner of the subcontinental giant. We recommend "Dal", a typical indian dish made of legumes.

Aronia de Takazawa


Asia, Japan, Tokyo

We suggest that you leave and trust the chef to choose your wine to accompany every dish. You will discover some fantastic Japanese wine!

Via Gaetano Previati

Orientation & Geography

Europe, Italy, Milan

The fish specialties are, both in terms of quality and presentation, on a very high level. Ask for the fish of the day.