Hot Chocolate Winners

4 places

Caffè Gilli


Europe, Italy, Firenze

A hot chocolate "hot coccoa" - It´s not the cheapest place in Florence but Caffé Gilli is well known and famous for the best hot chocolate around. Pay inside and take away!

Chocolatería San Ginés


Europe, Spain, Madrid

Spanish hot chocolate is made with dark chocolate and is thick, rich and delicious. Churros, a spanish pastry, are very popular too. Dipped in the hot chocolate they are particularly desirable.

Cioccolati Italiani


Europe, Italy, Milan

If you come during the winter time and you feel it is too cold for an ice-cream, then get yourself a cup of hot chocolate. The 100% melted chocolate will warm up your body and soul. Delicious! It´s also possible to get some small gifts for friends and family.



Europe, Switzerland, Zurich

The hot chocolate at Schober´s is considered to be the best in Zurich. A delicious apple strudel with vanilla sauce fits perfectly.