Hanul Lui Manuc

Entertainment & Arts

Europe, Romania, Municipiul București

Manuc's Inn (Romanian: Hanul lui Manuc, pronounced [ˈhanu(l) luj maˈnuk]) was, until it was recently shut for restoration and refurbishment, the oldest operating hotel building in Bucharest, Romania; it also housed a popular restaurant, several bars, a coffee-house, and (facing the street) several stores and an extensive bar. Its massive, multiply balconied courtyard hosted many performances and fairs and was a popular place for Romanian television crews to shoot folkloric performances. The hotel and restaurant were closed down in 2007 for refurbishment; shops and a bar known both as Cafeaneaua Bucurestilor de Altadata ("Bucharest of Yesteryear" Cafe) and as Festival 39 remained open (though the bar closed in February 2010). The hotel and restaurant are expected to reopen under new management once the restoration and refurbishment are completed. However, there appear to be disagreements between the city government and the owners about the legality of certain modernizations being undertaken.