Buenavista del Norte

Orientation & Geography

Africa, Spain, Canary Islands

Buenavista del Norte (Spanish for "North Good View") is a municipality and town on the north coast of Tenerife. It is located on the TF42 Road about 75 km west of the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife (City), and 65km from Tenerife North Airport. The towns streets hide sober architecture of clearly Andalusian extraction. Nevertheless, apart from the influence of the Conquistadors, there is a mixture of the traditions of Portuguese inhabitants and of Guanches, as the pre-Hispanic natives were known, which have helped to make up the particular charm of this district. The people have, due to the scarcity of resources, been characterised by an unquenchable spirit of conservation, which has kept alive traditions such as craftwork in bone, wood, cane and straw.