Mount Hope Cemetery


North America, United States, Penobscot County

Mt. Hope Cemetery in Bangor, Maine is the second oldest garden cemetery in the United States. It was designed by architect Charles G. Bryant in 1834, the same year that Bangor was incorporated as a city, and likely modeled after Mt. Auburn Cemetery (1831) in Boston, Massachusetts. Bangor was at that time a frontier boom-town, and much of its architecture and landscaping exactly mirrored that of Boston. The preferred resting ground for Bangor's 19th and early 20th century elite, the cemetery includes the gravesites of a U.S. Vice President, two U.S. Senators, eleven U.S. Congressmen, two U.S. Ambassadors, five Governors of Maine, eight Civil War Generals , and numerous "lumber barons" and other local businessmen and politicians. Actors Richard Golden and Ralph Sipperly are also buried there. The movie Pet Sematary was filmed in Mount Hope.