Studio City, Los Angeles

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Studio City is an affluent seven square-mile residential neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley (the "Valley") in the City of Los Angeles, California. The Studio City neighborhood expands over four ZIP code areas: 91604 and sections of 91602, 91607 and 90210. US Zip Code Boundary MapStudio City Neighborhood Council - Official District Boundaries Studio City Neighborhood: boundaries, map, statistics & demographicsStudio City/ Neighborhood/ City-Data Located 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Studio City is close to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and all the major studios (Universal Studios- Hollywood, NBC Studios, CBS Studios, Walt Disney Studios, Disney Animation, ABC, Warner Brothers Studios, Paramount Studios and DreamWorks among others). Studio City is bordered by the communities of Beverly Crest and Hollywood Hills to the south, Sherman Oaks to the west, Valley Village and North Hollywood to the north and Toluca Lake and Universal City to the east. Considered one of the most desirable places to live within the City of Los Angeles, Studio City boasts a high socioeconomic status. A favorite among young families and singles who work in the entertainment industry, Studio City residents find appealing the neighborhood's security, shopping & dining, schools, hiking trails, central location and immediate proximity to all the major studios. Studio City is also hangout and home to many unassuming celebrities. The stretch of Ventura Blvd that runs through Studio City is the neighborhood's principal commercial corridor, a picturesque main street lined by tall thin palms, grocery stores, specialty retail, offices, banks, galleries, upscale clothing boutiques, vintage shops, home decor & furnishing, fashionable eateries and coffee shops. Downtown Studio City is considered one of the most areas in the City of Los Angeles. Nestled in the flats of Studio City is the bohemian enclave of Tujunga Village, Village a charming one block stretch between Moorpark St. and Woodbridge St. lined on both sides by sidewalk-seating and award-winning restaurants, cafes a gelato bar, stylish vintage boutiques and a charming small theater. Studio City is notable for its trendy, varied and high-quality eateries. Ventura Blvd. in Studio City is also known as "Sushi Row" where many of LA's best established sushi bars got their start such as Katsu-Ya, Asanebo, and Sushi Nozawa.