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Asia, Russia, Невьянский городской округ

Nevyansk (Russian: Невьянск) is a town in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, located on the Neyva River (Ob's basin) on the eastern slope of the Middle Urals, some 97 kilometers (60 mi) north of Yekaterinburg. Population: 26,644 (2002 Census); 29,800 (1970). The posad of Nevyansk was founded in 1700 due to the construction of a foundry and iron factory. Although it was not granted town status until 1919, the settlement became highly important for the well-being of the Demidov family, which extracted gold from the local foothills. In the 18th century, Nevyansk was settled primarily by Old Believers, who commissioned from local artisans some glimmering, stylish icons which may be regarded as the last phase in the history of Russian icon-painting. As for the Demidovs, they commissioned the 60-metre-high Leaning Tower of Nevyansk, which was erected sometime between 1725 and 1740 and remains the town's principal landmark and claim to fame.