Goddard College

College & Education

North America, United States, Washington County

Goddard College is a private, liberal arts college located in rural Plainfield, Vermont, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Goddard College operates on an intensive low-residency model. Goddard is nationally and internationally recognized for its leadership in educational innovation, its deep commitment to the ideal of democracy and for its active efforts to live consciously as stewards of the earth. Students design their own curriculum; the college currently uses a student self-directed, mentored system. Residencies require the student's attendance every six months for approximately eight days, during which time the student engages in a variety of activities and lectures from the early morning until quite late in the evening, and creates a detailed study plan outlining what learning they will engage in once back in their home communities. During the semester students study independently, sending in "packets" to their faculty mentor every three weeks. The content of the packets varies with each individual but most often focus heavily on research, writing, reflection, and engaging in praxis. In early the 2000's Goddard expanded to the west coast, creating Goddard West located in Port Townsend, Washington and in July, 2011 will offer their education program (non-licensure only) in Seattle, Washington, as well as Vermont.