Balvenie Castle

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Europe, United Kingdom, Moray

Balvenie Castle is a ruined castle near Dufftown in the Moray region of Scotland. Originally known as Mortlach, it was built in the 12th century by a branch of the powerful Comyn family (the Black Comyns) and extended and altered in the 15th and 16th centuries. The castle fell out of use in the early 14th century when the Comyns were reduced by Robert the Bruce. It re-emerged in the historical record in the 15th century in the hands of the Black Douglases. The castle was forfeited by the Douglases for their part in a rebellion against King James II and it was granted to John Stewart, the first Earl of Atholl. Balvenie Castle served as a garrison during the Jacobite rebellion. It was abandoned in 1720s but was briefly garrisoned by Government troops in 1746. Today, the remains of the castle are managed by Historic Scotland. They are open to the public during the summer months. Balvenie whisky is produced by William Grant & Sons at the Balvenie distillery next to the castle.