Chiesa di San Silvestro

Architecture & Buildings

Europe, Italy, Venice

San Silvestro di Venezia is a church building in the sestiere of San Polo of Venice. The church is located in the business district of Rialto. Originally in the 12th century, it was under the jurisdiction of the Patriarch of Grado. After rebuilding, it was reconsecrated in 1422, and in 1485, it merged with the Oratory of Santa Maria dei Patriarchi e di Ognissanti. The church was entirely rebuilt by 1843, using designsby Giovanni Meduna. The facade is modern, and was completed in 1909 by Giuseppe Sicher. The ceiling is painted by Ludovico Dorigny. The altars were designed in the 19th century by Santi and decorated by the sculptor Giovanni Antonio Dorigo. The interior has four Renaissance panels, and a Baptism of Christ by Tintoretto.