COB Speicher

Orientation & Geography

Asia, Iraq, Saladin

COB Speicher formerly FOB Speicher (Al Sahra Airfield under Saddam Hussein) is a US Army Contingency Operating Base (COB) captured from the Iraqi Army during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. It was reassigned from a Forward Operating Base to a COB because of its large size. The Installation is located near Tikrit in northern Iraq, approximately 170 kilometers north of Baghdad and 11 kilometers west of the Tigris River. The airfield is served by two main runways measuring 10,000 and 9,600 feet (2,900 m) long with a shorter runway measuring 7,200-foot (2,200 m). It has been the location of the headquarters of the United States Forces-North (USF-N, formerly Multinational Division, North, (MND-N)) during the ongoing Iraq War. It is named after Scott Speicher, a U.S. Navy pilot who was Killed In Action in Iraq During the 1991 Gulf War when his F/A-18 Hornet was shot down by Captain Zuhair Dawood in a MiG25PDS of the 84th Fighter Squadron Iraqi air force.