Aalborg Zoo

Entertainment & Arts

Europe, Denmark, North Denmark Region

Aalborg Zoo is one of Denmark's biggest zoos and is located near the center of Aalborg. Every year, Aalborg Zoo is visited by around 375,000 guests. The zoo is 8 hectares big and keeps more than 1,200 animals belonging to 138 species. The zoo was opened in April 1935. Throughout the recent decades, Aalborg Zoo has put more emphasis on viability and conservation of nature, and today it plays a major role in various global projects on animal conservation, breeding, education, research and focus on fair trade. Aalborg Zoo participates in many international breeding programmes in order to preserve endangered animals. Aalborg Zoo got an environment certificate and the first zoological garden, and the overall purpose of the zoo is to preserve nature. Aalborg Zoo has made their mark in many ways with projects on conservation of nature and environment. For example, Aalborg Zoo supports the Payamino Indians' efforts to preserve 60,000 hectares of endangered rainforest in Ecuador. Aalborg Zoo also manages the amusement park of Karolinelund that was bought by Aalborg Municipality in 2007. At the entrance, one can see the sculpture Det gode kup ("the good bargain") from 1925, made by artist C.J. Bonnesen. The sculpture was donated to Aalborg Zoo from the Urban brewery.