Christ Church

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Asia, Palestine, Jerusalem

Christ Church, Jerusalem is an Anglican church located near the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. It is the oldest Protestant church in the Middle East. Three architects planned the church, first William Curry Hillier (d. August 1840 of typhus), then James Wood Johns, who was dismissed and replaced by Matthew Habershon (1789–1852) in January 1843. LJS Missionary Hans (John) Nicolayson, a Dane, laid the foundation stone on 10 February 1840. Bishop Michael Solomon Alexander laid the first stone onto the foundation on 28 February 1842. The building was completed in 1849. The London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews (LJS; now known as the Church's Ministry Among Jewish People or CMJ) was instrumental in its construction and continues to be responsible for the church to the present day. It was the seat of the Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem until the opening of St. George's Cathedral, Jerusalem in 1899.