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Europe, France, Essonne

HEC Paris or École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris is one of the foremost business schools in France. It was created in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the model of French Grandes Ecoles and has progressively become one of the most selective graduate school in France. It has been consistently ranked the best business school in Europe by the Financial Times since the ranking's inception. HEC is the business school of ParisTech, a gathering of top-ranked Grandes Ecoles willing to create a collegiate university by the year 2020. The school grants a Grande Ecole degree (MSc in Management), pre-experience master’s degrees, an MBA, two EMBA and offers a PhD program. It has several double degree agreements (Engineering, Law, Economics, Public Affairs...) with foreign business schools and universities as well as other French institutions. As well as other top French Grandes Ecoles, HEC’s reputation relies on its highly competitive entrance exam, a concours jointly organized with other French business schools. Among the 9,500 students seating the concours after 2 years of preparatory classes, HEC has a admission rate of 4% and a yield of 98%. HEC is among the few Grandes Ecoles which educate France's top executives and political elite and has many notable alumni in business and politicis. In 2010, 10 of the 40 largest French publicly traded companies have an alumnus of HEC Paris as CEO (or equivalent). With regards to the number of CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies, HEC would be ranked the 4 higher education institution in the world, and the 1 in Europe.