Chiesa di San Salvatore in Lauro

Architecture & Buildings

Europe, Italy, Rome

San Salvatore in Lauro (St. Salvatore at the Laurels) is a Catholic church in central Rome, Italy, located in the rione Ponte. It is the "national church" of the marchigiani, the inhabitants of the Marche region of Italy (the population of each Italy's region was counted as "nation" before Italian unification). The current Cardinal-Protector is Angelo Comastri. The first church at the site dates to the 11th century; while the present building was constructed in the 16th century on designs of the Bolognese Ottaviano Mascherino. The main altarpiece and cupola are painted by Ludovico Rusconi Sassi. In the chapels are works of art by Antoniazzo Romano, Camillo Rusconi, Fran├žois Duquesnoy, Alessandro Turchi and a Nativity by Pietro da Cortona. The refectory has a series of Mannerist frescoes (1550) by Francesco Salviati (1550), and contains the 15th century tomb of Pope Eugene IV by Isaia da Pisa, transferred here from the Old Saint Peter's Basilica. The titular church was first established in 1587 as a Cardinal-Priest title but was suppressed in 1670. In the consistory of 24 November 2007 Pope Benedict XVI restored the church as a Cardinal Deaconry.