Nelson's Column

Orientation & Geography

Europe, United Kingdom, London

Nelson's Column is a monument in Trafalgar Square in central London built to commemorate Admiral Nelson, who died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The monument was constructed between 1840 and 1843 to a design by William Railton at a cost of £47,000. It is a column of the Corinthian order built out of Dartmoor granite. The Craigleith sandstone statue of Nelson is by E. H. Baily and the four bronze lions on the base, added in 1867, were designed by Sir Edwin Landseer. It was refurbished in 2006 at a cost of £420,000, at which time it was surveyed and found to be 4.4 metres shorter than previously supposed. The whole monument is 169 ft 3ins (51.59 metres) tall from the bottom of the pedestal to the top of Nelson's hat.