Vaasa Arena


Europe, Finland, Pohjanmaa

Vaasa Arena is an arena in Vaasa, Finland. It is primarily used for ice hockey, and is the home arena of Sport. It opened in 1971 and holds 4,448 people, but plans are ready to expand the capacity. Some extra seats were installed before the SM-league qualification series in spring 2009. The arena has three ice hockey rinks, the only three-rink arena in Finland. The main arena has a capacity of 4,448 (ice hockey). The two practice rinks have only got limited areas for the public. The arena is located three kilometres (two miles) south-east of downtown Vaasa. The arena is called "Kuparisaaren (Copper Island) jäähalli" in public speech. The arena is also used for figure skating, rink bandy and curling. The main arena has been used for exhibitions and concerts. Google Maps image