Chiesa degli Eremitani

Architecture & Buildings

Europe, Italy, Padova

The Church of the Eremitani (Italian: Chiesa degli Eremitani), or Church of the Hermits, is an Augustinian church of the 13th century in Padua, northern Italy. It was built in 1276 and dedicated to the saints Philip and James; it is however best known as degli Eremitani from the annexed old monastery, which now houses the municipal art gallery. The chapel of SS. James and Christopher (Ovetari Chapel), formerly illustrated by Mantegna's frescoes, was largely destroyed by the Allies in World War II, because it was next to a German headquarters. Other artists whose frescoes are preserved in the church include Guariento and Ansuino da Forlì. The church contains the tombs of Jacopo (1324) and Ubertinello (1345) da Carrara, lords of Padua.