First Baptist Church Ottawa

Architecture & Buildings

North America, Canada, Ottawa

First Baptist Church is a prominent Baptist church in downtown Ottawa, Canada. It is part of the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec. It was designed by James Mather. The church was first founded in 1857, the first Baptist congregation in Ottawa. The current church, prominently located at 140 Laurier Avenue West, at the corner of Elgin Street and Laurier Avenue, began construction in 1877. The cornerstone was laid by then Prime Minister, Alexander Mackenzie. As a Baptist, Mackenzie worshiped at the church when he was in Ottawa after services began in 1878. The church was expanded in 1916, and significantly renovated in 1928. In 1966-1967, to celebrate Canada's Centennial, a massive organ was installed. From 1999 to 2002, significant restoration work was undertaken. The congregation has remained in the downtown area, and over the years, supported the establishment of new congregations, including McPhail Memorial (1896), Fifth Avenue in The Glebe (1899), and more recently, Kanata, and Bilberry Creek in Orleans.