Galeries des Sources

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North America, Canada, Quebec

Galeries des Sources (originally West Island Mall until the 1980s) is a Canadian shopping mall located in the Montreal suburbs of Dorval and Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec and on Des Sources Boulevard near Autoroute 40. It was owned by Ivanhoe from 1966 to 2002. Popular stores include SuperC, Cinemas Guzzo, Bouclair, Winners, Canadian Tire and Bureau en Gros. It is the West Island's second-largest shopping mall in size after Fairview Pointe-Claire. It is one of the few malls in the West Island without a food court or pharmacy. As the mall opened in 1966, its tenants were a Miracle Mart, Consumers Distributing, Arlington Sports and Steinberg's. Miracle Mart was renamed M Store in 1986. A Canadian Tire was added in 1991. M Store was left vacant in 1992. Also, Steinberg's became Xtra, and the current SuperC occupied it in 1994. In 1993, the west mall entrance was discontinued in favor of a Cocunuts play park (which closed in early 1999). A Club Biz was added in that mall also. Winners occupied it in 1994, alongside a Club Ultima. Club Ultima closed in 1996, with a 10-screen Cinemas Guzzo occupying the old space in 1998. Club Biz became Bureau en Gros in 1997. Also, Consumers Distributing left the mall in 1997, with its current tenants Corbeil Appliances occupying the first half of it in 1998. The second half was occupied by a Stokes warehouse store. There is no mall entrance to Cinemas Guzzo. There was no outdoor entrance to Club Ultima, thus the indoor Club Ultima entrance became a Rubino shoes store. The Rubino shoes store moved to the old Stokes warehouse store in the early 2000s, with EconoSport occupying the old Rubino space, and it is currently used by Benix & Co. Following the expansion of Canadian Tire in 2009, the mall entrance for Canadian Tire was closed, and L'Aubainerie EntrepĂ´t took the old mall entrance. There are restaurants in this mall with no indoor entrances, including the Bellepros restaurant, Marathon Souvlaki (occupying some of the old M Store space and Jack Astor's.