The Grange School

College & Education

South America, Chile, Santiago

The Grange School is a private co-ed school in La Reina, Santiago, Chile with an enrollment of about 1,800 and over 300 employees. It is known for a strong sports program in addition to high academic standards. It was founded June 4, 1928, by John A.S. Jackson —an anglo-Chilean born in Valparaíso and educated at Cambridge University. Part of his founding philosophy was to apply the concepts of "fair play" and the notion of an "all-rounder" person. In 2006, the British Guardian newspaper listed it as one of the best UK-curriculum international schools in the world. In membership of: - The Independent Association of Prep Schools - The Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference - The Latin American Heads Conference} - The Association of British Schools in Chile