Holy Trinity Brompton

Architecture & Buildings

Europe, United Kingdom, London

Holy Trinity Brompton with St Paul's, Onslow Square ("HTB") is an Anglican church in Brompton, London, United Kingdom. The church consists of three church buildings, Holy Trinity Brompton St Paul's, Onslow Square ("SPOS") and St Augustine's, Queen's Gate, as well as being the home for Worship Central, St Paul's Theological Centre and The Alpha course. It is where the Alpha course was first developed and is one of the most influential churches in the Evangelical wing of the Church of England. The church buildings accommodate Alpha and other courses, conferences and meetings during the week and ten services each Sunday. With total Sunday service attendance at around 4,000 people and the Alpha course attracting several hundred guests during the week, HTB oversees a diverse range of activities. HTB's aim is for an Alpha course to be accessible to anyone who would like to attend the course, and in this way HTB seeks to spread the teachings of Christianity. Nicky Gumbel, the pioneer of the Alpha course, took over as Vicar from Sandy Millar in July 2005. Nicky Lee was appointed Associate Vicar in July 2007 he had been a curate at HTB for 22 years previously.