Drake Circus

Shop & Service

Europe, United Kingdom, Plymouth

Drake Circus Shopping Centre is a 60,800 m² (654,000 ft²) covered shopping mall in the centre of Plymouth, England which opened in October 2006. The new building, designed by London-based architects Chapman Taylor and built by Bovis Lend Lease and situated behind the ruined Charles Church, preserved as the city's civilian war memorial, has provoked a mixed reception. Just after it opened, the shopping centre won the inaugural Carbuncle Cup "for crimes against architecture", as the worst new building in the UK. However in 2007 it won two retail industry national awards, one of which was the Retail Week magazine's "Shopping Location of the Year". Also in 2007, the centre's management introduced a code of conduct which, like one the Bluewater centre controversially introduced in 2005, banned hooded tops and baseball caps.