Fundidora Park

Orientation & Geography

North America, Mexico, Monterrey

The Parque Fundidora Station (aka EstaciĆ³n Parque Fundidora) is a station on the Line 1 of the Monterrey Metro. It is located in the intersection of Pablo A. de la Garza Avenue and Colon Avenue in the Pablo A. de la Garza neighborhood. It was opened in 1991. This station serves the Pablo A. de la Garza and Acero neighborhoods (Colonias Pablo A. de la Garza y Acero), this station is important due to its proximity to the public Fundidora Park and the Monterrey Arena. It is accessible for people with disabilities. This station is named the nearby Fundidora Park (Parque Fundidora in Spanish), and its logo represents a trees in a park.