Universidad de Antioquia

College & Education

South America, Colombia, Medellín

The University of Antioquia (Spanish: Universidad de Antíoquia), also called UdeA, is a public, departmental, coeducational, research university based primarily in the city of Medellín, Antioquía, Colombia. It is the largest higher education institution by student population in the northwest of the country, and the second in Colombia, with more than 34,096 students. The university was established by a Royal Decree of February 9, 1801 under the name of Franciscan College (Spanish: Colegio de Franciscanos), by King Charles IV of Spain, and started its operation in 1803 under the direction of Friar Rafael de la Serna. It has changed its name several times until December 14, 1871, when it acquired its current name. The university is spread among several locations in Medellín, being the main one the campus known as the University City of Medellín (Spanish: Ciudad Universitaria de Medellín, CUM) located in the northern part of the city. Other locations are Robledo Citadel (Spanish: Ciudadela Robledo) located in the northwest, the Health Area (Spanish: Área de la Salud) which includes the "San Vicente de Paúl" University Hospital (Spanish: Hospital Universitario "San Vicente de Paul"), and the San Ignacio Building, both located in downtown Medellín. The university has 14 faculties, 4 schools, 4 institutes, and 4 corporations, that offer 68 undergraduate, 27 master's, 41 medical specializations, and 10 doctorates. The university also counts with several satellite campuses across the department in the cities of Andes, Amalfi, Carmen de Viboral Caucasia, Envigado, Puerto Berrío, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Segovia, Turbo, and Yarumal. The university is member of the Association of Colombian Universities (ASCUN), the Iberoamerican Association of Postgraduate Universities (AUIP), and the Iberoamerican University Network Universia. Along with the National and Valle universities, it conforms what is known as the Golden Triangle of higher education in Colombia, being among the most selective and competitive universities in the country. It received a high quality accreditation by the Ministry of Education for 9 years by resolution 2087 of September 5, 2003, being one of the 15 universities in the country with such distinction, and with the University of the Andes the two with the longest term.