Dallas World Aquarium

Entertainment & Arts

North America, United States, Dallas County

The Dallas World Aquarium is an aquarium and zoo located in West End Historic District of downtown Dallas, Texas (USA). The zoo aids conservation and education by housing many animals that are threatened or endangered as part of a cooperative breeding program with other zoos in the US and the world. The level houses aquarium featuring fish, anemones, coral, jellyfish, etc. from around the world. The 10 main tanks feature the aquatic life of: Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, British Columbia, Bahamas. Fiji, Palau, Southern Australia, Lord Howe Island, and the Solomon Islands. Other tanks on display include a large tank with a tunnel where one can observe sharks and manta rays swimming 180 degrees around the viewer and a large vivarium featuring manatees, arapaima, giant catfish, and scarlet ibis'. Aside from aquatic animals, the zoo also features an impressive collection of plants, birds, and animals including snakes, frogs, tarantulas, jaguars, monkeys, bats, and the only publicly displayed three-toed sloth in the US. The aquarium also features two gift shops and three restaurants. The DWA is also part of a joint initiative between local companies and corporations and the Dallas Public School district. Many of the Aquarium's employees are also full-time students at the School of Business & Management at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet High School. This joint venture as part of a work-study program by the school, emphasizes real world business techniques and practices in order to teach the upcoming generation on maintaining and running the day to day operations of one of the city's largest and most well-known attractions.