Palazzetto dello Sport

Architecture & Buildings

Europe, Italy, Rome

The Palazzetto dello sport, also known as the PalaTiziano and PalaFlaminio is an indoor arena located in Piazza Apollodoro in Rome, Italy. Built for the 1960 Summer Olympics (opened in 1957), it has a 3,500 seating capacity and was designed by Pier Luigi Nervi. It hosted basketball among other sports during the Olympic Games. Presently the Palazzetto dello Sport hosts the volley matches. The arena was home to Lottomatica Roma from its foundation up until the early 80's, and also for a period of several years at the start of the current Millennium, when the team's regular home venue of PalaLottomatica was being renovated. The arena still hosts games of the team when the PalaLottomatica is not available, as it did for the match against ALBA Berlin during the Euroleague 2008-09. Tha arena also hosted as the team's training venue and the location of the team's administration and ticketing office. The arena is constructed with prefabricated ribbed concrete shell dome 61m in diameter, braced by concrete flying buttresses. Much of the structure was prefabricated, so that the dome was erected in 40 days.