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The Konzerthaus in Vienna (in German language: Wiener Konzerthaus) was opened 1913. It is situated in the third district just at the edge of the first district in Vienna. Since it was founded it has always tried to emphasise both tradition and innovative musical styles. In 1890 the first ideas for a Haus für Musikfeste came about. The idea of the new multi purpose building was to be more interesting to the broader public than the traditional Wiener Musikverein. In addition to the concert hall, the first drawings by Ludwig Baumann for the Olympion included an ice-skating area and a bicycle club. In an attached open air area 40,000 visitors would be able to attend events. The drawings were not accepted. However, today an ice skating area is situated right next to the building. The Konzerthaus was finally built between 1911 and 1913. The architects were Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer (Büro Fellner & Helmer); the work was done in cooperation with Ludwig Baumann.