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Hansa-Park is a seasonal amusement park in Sierksdorf (Schleswig-Holstein) off the Baltic Sea. It was opened on May 15, 1977 under the name Hansaland and renamed Hansa-Park in 1987. It currently spans 113 acres (0.46 km) and includes more than 125 attractions. From 1973 to 1976, the site was home to the first German Legoland. The park is owned by the Leicht family and managed by Christoph Andreas Leicht. The park attracts more than a million visitors each year, making it the fifth largest German amusement park. Stern magazine, in collaboration with the BAT Freizeit-Forschungsinstitut (Leisure Research Institute) tested the ten leading German amusement parks. Hansa-Park scored second place behind Europa-Park overall and first place in the north. The "Family Park on the Sea" was the first German amusement park to receive the "OK for Kids" seal of approval from the Deutschen Kinderschutzbund (the German Association for the Protection of Children) and TÜV Nord (Technical Inspection Association, North) for the whole park. The grounds are divided into eleven different themed areas, including Alter Jahrmarkt (Medieval Fair), Westernstadt (Western Town), Mexiko (Mexico), Piratenland (Pirate Land) and Abenteuerland (Adventure Land). Each of these areas contains rides and shows consistent with its theme. The park's special charm lies in its careful and detailed use of theming, with many little gags positioned along the way to the large attractions.