Národná rada Slovenskej republiky

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Europe, Slovakia, Bratislava

The National Council of the Slovak Republic (Slovak: Národná rada Slovenskej republiky or just Národná rada), abbreviated to NR SR, is the national parliament of Slovakia. It is unicameral, and consists of 150 MPs, who are elected by universal suffrage under proportional representation every four years. Slovakia's parliament has been called the 'National Council' since 1 October 1992. From 1969 to 1992, its predecessor, the parliament of the Slovak part of Czechoslovakia, was called the Slovak National Council (Slovenská národná rada). The National Council approves domestic legislation, constitutional laws, and the annual budget. Its consent is required to ratify international treaties, and is responsible for approving military operations. It also elects individuals to some positions in the executive and judiciary as specified by law. The parliament building is situated on the castle hill, next to Bratislava Castle in Alexander Dubček Square.