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North America, Canada, Alberta

Canmore is a town in Alberta, Canada, located in the Bow Valley with a permanent population of 12,005 (2008 municipal census). The non-permanent population is about 5,567 or 31.6% (combined population of 17,572). It is located just east of Banff National Park, about 81 kilometres (50 mi) west of Calgary and immediately north of Kananaskis Country. The town lies in the Bow Valley, named so for the Bow River that passes through it. Its mountain setting is noted for The Three Sisters. Canmore's climate is relatively mild compared to most regions of Canada, with the coldest month of January having an average high of −4.6 °C (24 °F), with very low humidity that makes it feel considerably warmer than the thermometer indicates. Summers are short with daytime temperatures ranging from 18 °C (64 °F) to 22 °C (72 °F), and winters from November to March are usually sunny and dry. The area has, on average, 330 days of sunshine annually, with the short wet season occurring through mid-May to early June. The rest of the summer is dry. Mountains located adjacent to and visible from the townsite are Grotto Mountain (2,706 m / 8,878 ft), Mount Lady Macdonald (2,606 m / 8,550 ft), Mount Lawrence Grassi (2,685 m / 8,809 ft) and, most famously, the Three Sisters (2,936 m, 2,769 m, 2,694 m or 9,633 ft, 9,084 ft, 8,839 ft).