Труханів острів

Orientation & Geography

Europe, Ukraine, Dniprovskyi district

Trukhaniv Island (Ukrainian: Труханів острів, translit.: Trukhaniv ostriv) is an island located on the Dnieper River opposite the historic Podil neighbourhood of the city of Kiev. It has an area of 4.5 km (1.7 sq mi). The island is mostly covered by greenery, like the Hidropark island nearby. Until 1957, the only method of transportation to the island was by boat in the summer or by crossing the ice in the winter. In 1957, the Park Pedestrian Bridge was built, easing the travel to and from the island. Trukhaniv Island contains numerous cafés, restaurants, sport complexes, and the largest and the cleaned city beaches. The island is not only popular for its numerous leisure activities, but it is also popular for fishing on the Dnieper River. In the summer, some parts of the island are used for biking and in the winter some parts are used for cross country skiing. In the summer of 2005, tourists travelling to see the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 were housed on Trukhaniv Island.