Europe, Germany, Landkreis Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald

Hochfirst Tower is a 25 metre tall lattice observation tower on the Hochfirst mountain near Titisee-Neustadt at 47°54'04" N and 8°11'03" E. It was built in 1890 as the replacement to a wooden observation tower. Several observation decks may be accessed by the winding corrugated metal staircase, and the top deck provides panoramic views of the distant Swiss Alps and the Titisee-Neustadt valley. The tower is accessible from the Schwarzwald-Querweg Freiburg-Bodensee hiking trail, and is nearby the small village of Saig. Currently, Hochfirst Tower is used for directional radio and mobile phone services as well as for observation purposes. Hochfirst Tower has been further reinforced to withstand the strong valley winds.