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Etxebarri, Doneztebeko Elizatea (Spanish: Etxebarri, Anteiglesia de San Esteban) is a town and municipality located in the province of Biscay, in the Autonomous Basque Community, in the North of Spain. Since 13 January 2005, the name of "Etxebarri, Doneztebeko Elizatea" has been changed officially to "Etxebarri" to simplify the name. It translates as "new home/house" (etxe "home", barri "new"). Prior to the introduction of Standard Basque, the town's name was spelled Echevarri. Etxebarri has an area of 33.38 square kilometres and a population of 8155 inhabitants (2006), with a density of 2421.72 inhabitants/km. Being so close to Bilbao (1.5 kilometres), this has had a direct effect on Etxebarri. Until a few decades ago, Etxebarri was a small nucleus in which its rural population worked in industrial areas. Both the population and the industrial land increased considerably because of the congestion of Bilbao and the need for space for the installation of industries. Therefore, there is a significant increase in new population that is installed in the locality. In addition, since 2004, the underground of Bilbao arrives at Etxebarri. In fact, the threshold stipulated for the town in 2012 is about 10,000 inhabitants. It has a metro station of the rapid transit service Metro Bilbao and a train station of the commuter rail service EuskoTren.