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Photographic Museum in Stockholm is, with its 2500 square meters exhibition area, one of the world's largest collection of locations for photography. The whole facility extends to more than 5000 square meters. Good-sized conference rooms, open space areas for spontaneous meetings, and the extensive schedule of speakers and exhibitors will ensure an interesting time for photography in Stockholm. Anne Leibovitz, which was the opening speaker talked about the great interest in the museum from New York and London photography communities before the opening of this new Swedish National Museum of Photography. The museum opened to the public on 21 May 2010. First out of the exhibition halls are Annie Leibovitz, Vee Speer, Joel-Peter Witkin and Lennart Nilsson. Brothers Jan and Per Broman are the initiator and founder of the museum. One of their goals is to establish Photographic Museum in Stockholm as one of the main meeting places for photography in the world within five years. A significant part of the activities will be directed to disseminate and expand knowledge on how to best a camera. There will be courses for everyone from children with their first camera to the current professional photographers. Another interesting activity is the so-called portfolio reviews. At one such review a predetermined number of photographs, through calls with the help of words, with a known authority in the field. One could, for example, choose to take their own pictures to get new insights into their own photography.