Round Green

Orientation & Geography

Europe, United Kingdom, Luton

Round Green is an area in the north-east of Luton. Formerly a small hamlet between Biscot, Leagrave and Stopsley, Round Green is one of the oldest parts of Luton with references to the area dating back to 1170. The area originally called Cowridge End, stretches from what now is Old Bedford Road, up to Birchen Grove in the North and Crawley Green in the south. The area was officially taken up into the boundary of Luton in 1933. In 1908, the Luton Tram Service started up, with route one terminating at Round Green (starting out in Park Street). The tram service in the town had a fairly short life and in 1931 the council decided to scrap the trams and replace them with buses. The local area is focused on the Stockingstone Road to Hitchin Road roundabout, where two local pubs, the Jolly Topers and The Round Green Tavern are situated within 20m of each other. Another pub, the Royal Oak, also traded in this area, however has recently closed due to increased competition. There is a small shopping area down Hitchin Road heading towards Luton which has the local amenities such as the grocers, newsagent etc. and the local garage and childcare centre. Historically, there was a large horse chestnut tree next to the roundabout outside the Jolly Topers pub, this tree had presided over the area for 150 years. However in 2001, after heavy winds, the tree branches blew down and it was deemed hazardous to keep the tree up. The tree was taken down and has recently been replaced