North America, United States, District of Columbia

Kinkead's the first of a series of fine dining restaurants opened Washington, DC by chef Robert Kinkead, primarily featuring New American cuisine. Kinkead had previously gained prominence at 21 Federal restaurant in DC and Nantucket Island before it went out of business in 1993. When it opened in 1993 it was named one of the "25 best new restaurants in America" by Esquire Magazine. In 1995 Kinkead won the James Beard Award for "best American chef" in the Mid-Atlantic Region for his cooking at the restaurant. As of 2004 Kinkead's was one of two Mobil Guide four-star restaurants in Washington. Kinkead also owned Colvin Run Tavern in Vienna, Virginia, which closed in 2007. Kinkead opened "Sibling Rivalry" with his brother, David, in 2004. This restaurant is a frequent dining and date spot for the James Patterson character Alex Cross