Europe, Germany, Landkreis Harz

The Luisenburg was a small pleasurable palace of or Lustschlösschen that existed from 1728 to 1945 near Blankenburg (Harz) in central Germany. It was built in 1728 on the hilltop above Blankenburg Castle as a belvedere for Duchess Christina Louise of Brunswick and was named after her. The Luisenburg was a single-storey timber-framed building with an octagonal hall surrounded by eight small rooms. In 1945 it was demolished due to its advanced state of dilapidation. Today its former appearance can only be vaguely imagined from the remains of the exterior walls and its staircase. A refuge hut, that also serves as checkpoint no. 77 on the hiking trail network of the Harzer Wandernadel, stands on the site of the Luisenburg.