Glynde Place

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Europe, United Kingdom, East Sussex

Glynde Place is an Elizabethan Manor House at Glynde in East Sussex, England. It is the family home of the Viscounts Hampden, whose forebears built the house in 1569. The adjacent church was built in the eighteenth century. In 1883 the Brand family estate consisted of 8,846 acres (35.80 km) in Sussex (inherited through the families of Morley and Trevor, and valued at £8,121 a year), 6,658 in Hertfordshire, 3,600 in Essex, 2,081 in county Cambridge, and 978 in Suffolk. (Total 22,163 acres (89.69 km) worth £24,753 a year) (from John Bateman via The Complete Peerage, G.E.C., volume six, 1926, p289). The house and gardens are open to the public for tours.