Europe, France, Seine-Saint-Denis

The Gare d'Épinay-Villetaneuse (Épinay-Villetaneuse Station) is a railway station located in the commune of Épinay-sur-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis department, France. It is also adjacent to the communes of Montmagny and Deuil-la-Barre in Val d'Oise. Despite its name, the Gare d'Épinay-Villetaneuse is located approximately 1 km from Villetaneuse. Nonetheless, it is the closest station to the Paris 13 University campus in Villetaneuse. The station is at the junction of two lines: Paris - Persan - Beauvais - Le Tréport-Mers Paris - Ermont - Pontoise It is at the 9.040 kilometre point on the Saint-Denis - Pontoise line, an older section of the Paris - Lille route which was superseded in 1859 by the more direct line from Saint-Denis to Creil. There was previously a military connection between this line and the Grande Ceinture line. The SA HLM SICF-La Sablière, a public housing subsidiary of the SNCF, has requisitioned the land and built housing blocks.