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Europe, Norway, Nordland

Nesna is a municipality in Nordland county, Norway. It is part of the Helgeland traditional region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Nesna. Nesna was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The new municipality of Dønna was separated from Nesna on 1 July 1888. The municipality consists of three islands (Tomma, Hugla (known as "Hugløy" by its inhabitants), and Handnesøya) and one peninsula that bears the name of the municipality. The Coastal Express arrives two times a day, the northbound arrives 05:30 and the southbound 11:15. Nesna peninsula is also home to Nordland's education center Nesna University College, and there is also a high school, KVN High School.