Drummond Street

Orientation & Geography

Europe, United Kingdom, London

Drummond Street is a street in London just north of the centre, located near Euston station and running parallel with Euston Road. It is best known for its Indian restaurants and supply shops. It is the site of Schafer House, a student hall of residence of University College London. Drummond Street used to be considerably longer, continuing north-eastwards, through what is now Euston station, and also including what is now Doric Way. On this part of Drummond Street was the main entrance to the station and the site of the Euston Arch. However, the eastern part of Drummond Street was built over when Euston station was rebuilt in 1961 and extended southwards; the Euston Arch was demolished, the far north-eastern part of Drummond Street was renamed as Doric Way, and Drummond Street was separated from the formerly-adjacent Drummond Crescent to the north.