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Europe, United Kingdom, York

Holgate is a suburb and Unitary Authority Ward in the City of York. It is bounded by the River Ouse from Scarbourough Bridge to Ouse Acres on its northern boundary. Its western boundary is formed by one side of Carr Lane and Ouse Acres to the junction of York Road/Acomb Road, which forms part of the southern boundary. The remainder of the southern boundary follows Moorgate and Holgate Beck to the East Coast Mainline Railway which completes the eastern boundary as far as the River Ouse/Scarborough Bridge. It contains the National Railway Museum and many historic buildings, including a restored 18th century Windmill and a Cold War Bunker. It is the site of the former ABB Carriageworks which closed in 1996. A US owned railcompany, Thrall Europa, briefly re-opened the works, but they finally closed in 2002.