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The Bornstedt Crown Estate is a landmark in the Potsdam borough of Bornstedt. It belongs to the enemble of world-renowned palaces and gardens of Sanssouci, lying on the Bornstedter See, only 400 meters away from Sanssouci Palace. The estate - the former seat of Crown Princess Victoria - is now completely restored and open to the public. The Bornstedt Crown Estate is situated pictorial at Lake Bornstedt and its history goes back until 1350. Embedded in the ensemble of the world-famous castles and gardens of Sanssouci it is a unique historical event location for Brandenburg and Berlin. The UNESCO World Heritage site is near the city center and invites visitors to experience and enjoy Prussian history at celebrations, meetings and all kinds of events just like Queen Elizabeth II and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh when they came to pay a visit to the Bornstedt Crown Estate in November 2004. Throughout the whole year traditional celebrations, markets, and big events take place here. On a tour of the Brandenburg Manufactory visitors get to know more than 21 trades, for example, pottery, candle making, milling, as well as an on site goldsmith. A barber shop, bookstore, weavers, and the florist compliment the wide variety of trades. The glassworks, where you can watch the glassmaker working, or the estate shop and the Royal Bakery invite the guests to stay as well as the restaurants in the brewery and distillery, the historical wine cellar, and the wine barn. The representative manor house is available for exclusive receptions. The Bornstedt tradition of brewing beer, which dates back to 1689, has been revitalized. Our home-brewed beer is called “Bornstedt Buffalo” and is very popular with our guests. It is no longer just a brand name in Potsdam. The “Buffalo Liqueur” is a new creation from the distillery. The Bornstedt Crown Estate is also a testimony to the passion Prussian kings had for all things Italian. No wonder, that the registry office in the manor house of the Bornstedt Crown Estate enjoys increasing popularity with young couples – not only from Potsdam but also from whole Germany. The manor house is the former residential house of the Hohenzollern family decorated in 19th century style. The registry office with its noble flair provides an atmospheric framework for weddings. The Bornstedt Crown Estate offers all services for a perfect wedding: tailor-made wedding gowns for bride and groom, wedding cakes, music, babysitters and arrangements for hotel accommodations. The romantically minded dreaming of carriages and servants in historical costumes will find all of these at the Bornstedt Crown estate as well. Naturally the premises can also be used for conferences or family celebrations. The whole market square can also be used for private parties and events. From 2 persons in the Royal parlours to 1500 persons in the big pavilion – there is something for everybody’s taste. An attractive lake arena directly in front of the fantastic scenery of Lake Bornstedt creating an atmosphere for a perfect occasion. In this area there are about 290 seats for plays and concerts. A variety of events open to the public take place here today. Special events attract visitors: the historical Christmas market, the drill and recruit exercises of the „Potsdam Giants“ clad in the uniforms of Frederick II’s Grand Grenadiers, art market, farmer’s market, beer market, British Days, Crown Estate’s Spectacular, concerts, plays, exhibitions and even sportive events like the Castles Marathon, that starts and finishes at the Bornstedt Crown Estate. In 2005 a series of popular historical celebrations is planned: at Easter 2005 the Bornstedt Crown Estate celebrates horse tournaments. During the Walpurgis Night the most beautiful witch in Berlin-Brandenburg will be elected, and at Whitsun, farm labourer will fight against intruding knights. Highlights will be the first summer festivals, which will take place on three successive weekends in July. At six different places at the Bornstedt Crown Estate its history will be re-enacted. Prince Fred