De Klinge

Orientation & Geography

Europe, Belgium, East Flanders

De Klinge (51°15′N 4°06′E), a Belgian town and part of the municipality of Sint-Gillis-Waas in the province of Oost-Vlaanderen (East Flanders), is located on the border with the Netherlands province of Zeeland and within the non-administrative region known as the Waasland or the Land van Waas. On the Dutch side of the border the town is called Clinge and is part of the municipality of Hulst. Sint-Niklaas is 10 kilometres south of De Klinge. The nearest large Belgian city is Antwerp (Antwerpen/Anvers) to the east. The town is bordered by many forests, including the Stropersbos (the Stroper Forest), which are excellent for cycling and walking. The dialect of Dutch spoken in De Klinge is called Klings, an East Flemish dialect. In the past there were several makers of clogs (wooden shoes) or klompen as they are called in Dutch. A statue called De Klomp stands in the middle of the round-about on the road from Sint-Gillis-Waas where the Bergstraat, Hogenakkerstraat, and Klingedijkstraat meet. Every July a kermis festival, called the Klingse Kalsei Braderij is held on the main cobblestone street, Klingedorp. The town also has an abbey beer called Klingse Kalsei which is available during this festival and features the Klingedorpstraat on its label. This beer isn't actually brewed in De Klinge but in Ertvelde by Van Steenberge.