Morro do Careca

Entertainment & Arts

South America, Brazil, Rio Grande do Norte

The Morro do Careca (lit. "Bald Hill") is a large dune located in the city of Natal in Brazil. It is the main symbol and tourist postcard of the city and the state of Rio Grande do Norte. It has a height of 120 meters, with a margin determined by vegetation. It is located in the extreme south of Ponta Negra beach - the capital's most famous beach. In the past Morro do Careca was a spot for recreation and entertainment. The bathers and tourists would climb up the hill and come down with the help of a device called skibunda. Since the end of the 90s, Bald Hill has been closed to visitors. The reason for the closure is the dune's protection; the preservation of forest will aid in safeguarding against erosion, ensuring that the sand does not slip and thus reduce the height of the hill. At present, all activity on the dune remains suspended.