Grand Hotel Wien


Europe, Austria, Vienna

The Grand Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel in Vienna, Austria. It is located at the Ringstraße at Kärntnerring 9. The hotel has a long history and tradition. The architect was Karl Tietz. It was opened as the first Viennese luxury hotel in 1870. It originally had over 300 rooms, 200 bathrooms, an elevator that was steam-powered, and a telegraph office. The hotel became an instant hit with the aristocracy and became a popular meeting place since it was centrally located for the Korso. In 1894 the waltz king Johann Strauß II celebrated his 50-year stage anniversary. In 1911 the building was extended to the neighbouring buildings Kärntnerring 11 and number 13. Also, all rooms had their own telephones installed. After World War II from 1945 to 1955 the hotel housed Soviet troops. The hotel reopened for regular business in 1958, but was sold to the Austrian government. The building was rented out to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which used it as its headquarters until 1979, when it moved to the Vienna International Centre. Ten years later All Nippon Airways bought the hotel. The hotel was reduced to its original size and completely refurbished and renovated. The historical façade by Tietz was restored, while the interior was modernized. The hotel was renamed "ANA Grand Hotel". The reopening ceremony took place in 1994. ANA sold the hotel in 2002 to the JJW Hotels & Resorts group, the name reverted to “Grand Hotel Wien”.