R.H. Coats Building

Orientation & Geography

North America, Canada, Ottawa

The R.H. Coats Building is a government office building located in the Tunney's Pasture government office complex in Ottawa. It is situated near the intersection of Holland Avenue and Scott Street, beside the Ottawa Transitway. Named after Canada's first Dominion Statistician, Robert H. Coats (1874-1960), the R.H. Coats Building was completed in 1976 by the architectural firm Ogilvie and Hogg. It is 26 stories and 99 m in height, making it the tallest tower in Tunney's Pasture. Peregrine falcons are sometimes sighted on the top of this building. It houses Statistics Canada offices and a branch of the Alterna Savings bank, formerly the CS CO-OP. The interior is graced with the Great Canadian Equalizer mural by artist Jerry Grey.